roostermail email campaigns

Be social

Social sharing

Our social sharing feature makes it easy for you to share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook by embedding a “Like” and “Tweet” button in your emails.We’ll show you a beautiful report on who is sharing your emails, and even what they’re saying about you to their friends and followers.

Social reporting

Watch in real-time as your subscribers talk about your company on Twitter and Facebook, and be part of the conversation.We’ll combine the social shares with everyone who forwarded your email to a friend, so you can see the true reach of your latest campaign, all in one place.

Facebook subscribe

Our Facebook Subscribe app makes it easy to drop a signup form right into your Facebook page. We even provide a white label version for our resellers to use with their clients. Install the APP on Facebook [click here]

Real-time Conversations

Get to know your subscribers like never before with Worldview. When you send your campaign, we’ll show you a real-time map of what people are saying about you on Twitter and Facebook, and make it easy for you to join the conversation.