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What do the terms in the Campaign Snapshot like bounced, opened, etc actually mean?

The Campaign Snapshot contains a number of important terms which explain the most recent results for each campaign you send. Below is a quick explanation about what these figures actually mean.

Total Opened

The total number of times your campaign was viewed by your recipients. This means that if you send a campaign to 2 recipients and one reads your email twice while the other reads it once, the total opened will be 3.

Unique Opened

The unique opened does not take repeat opens into account, meaning the figure represents the total number of recipients that actually opened your campaign.


The Clicks data provides a number of important figures about the links in your campaign. As an example, “2,481 (14.28%) recipients clicked 7 links” tells us the following:

* A total of 2,481 recipients clicked at least one link.
* This resulted in a click-through rate of 14.28%.
* All up, 7 different links in the campaign were clicked.


The unsubscribed data tells you the total number of recipients that clicked the unsubscribe link in the campaign and also provides you with the percentage of recipients that unsubscribed.


The bounce data tells you the total number of recipients that bounced and also provides you with the percentage of recipients that bounced.


The delivered count tells you the total number of emails that were successfully delivered to your recipients. It is equal to the total number of messages sent minus the total number that bounced back. The delivered percentage tells us the total percentage of messages that were successfully delivered.

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