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How do I add a link to a web version of my campaign?

While the majority of web based email environments are slowly improving their HTML rendering capabilities, some are still pretty far behind. I’m talking to you Hotmail and Gmail! Because of this, it can be a good idea to include a having trouble reading this email, click here link in the header of your email.

If you’re sending really long newsletters, this is also a good option. Some of your recipients might prefer the screen real estate afforded by a web browser as opposed to an email client. Up until now, you had to create your own web based version and link to it manually. Well, not any more.

Introducing the <webversion> tag

You can use a simple tag to generate a personalized link to a web based version of your campaign for every recipient. This means that even if they’re viewing the web version, we still track how many times they checked it out, what links they clicked on, etc.

In your HTML code, just use the tag <webversion> and </webversion> and we’ll do the rest.

For example:

Having trouble reading this email, <webversion>click here</webversion>.

If you’re sending a multi-part email and you’d like to include a link to the HTML version in your text version, you can use the [webversion] tag.

For example:

Click the link below to read this email in your browser:

The link will be to our server but will use your personalized sub-domain. We’ll also be tracking the clicks on all web version links, so if your recipients aren’t using them, you know it’s safe to remove them.

Add inline CSS to your webversion link

By adding a style="" attribute to the webversion tag, we will automatically add that inline CSS to the link for each of your recipients.

For example, let’s say we want to make our webversion link blue and in size 10 font. We’d use the following code:

Having trouble reading this email, <webversion style="font-size:10px; color:#4fb5e9;">click here</webversion>

This will create a web version link that will look like:

Having trouble reading this email, click here

How are clicks on my web version tracked?

Every subscriber actually gets a unique link to their own web version, and that when they click links on that web page, we can record them in your normal campaign reports. We don’t have any way to separate clicks in the email from clicks in the web version, but they do all get tracked.


How can I find out the URL for the web version of a specific campaign?

If you would like to share a particular email with people who are not your subscribers, you can either create a newsletter archive or share the specific campaign using the ‘Share Campaign’ button at the top of the campaign report in your account. That will give you the URL they can use to view your email in a browser.

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